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No Harm Done – Songs Against Domestic Violence

No Harm Done Featured Artist BadgeIn February of this year one of long time friends murdered his wife and then committed suicide. Though I'd spoken with him often I had never seen indications that would lead me to believe this horrible act possible. But it did happen.

Like many, I was stunned. Really, truly, shocked. Not only was this an incident happening with someone I thought I knew well but it was also the 3rd such case in the area of my home town over a four-month period. I began to research the topic of domestic violence in Utah and came to see it as a genuine problem that seems to be growing in frequency.

While I was researching I thought of the high number of friends I have who are in what can only be described as hostage relationships. I thought of the number of people I care for who had told me they'd leave these bad situations if not for the threats of suicide, homicide or child abandonment.

immediately following the February incident, a friend I adore above the levels of sanity, wrote simply to me, "I don't want to end up like [Her]". The statement frightened and angered me, especially after reading how risky her situation really is!

Abuse of another, be it physical or emotional, is just not acceptable. And IT ISN'T LOVE. More than 90% of domestic violence cases are a man abusing his significant other (wife/girlfriend/fiance/ex). One third of the time the abuse never leaves a mark that can be seen. One hundred percent of the time the abuser is just a douche-nozzle. (Legal terminology used for maximum effect. You're Welcome.)

I could go on about how pathetic super-jealous, controlling, insecure, belittling, spying, stalking, snooping, battering men are. But instead I decided to launch a new project.

Enter No Harm Done!

No Harm Done is a music project to bring community focus and much needed funds to the issue of domestic violence. Right now we are preparing a first concert and cd to benefit the Utah Domestic Violence Council. Later we will do a similar project for Nevada and then one state at a time as long as we can.

We do this by:

1) Creating a compilation cd with songs from local artists on the topic of domestic violence. We sell these CDs with 100% of proceeds going to the target organization. This first one is to benefit the Utah Domestic Violence Council.
2) Creating a concert where some of the compilation artists perform live with 100% of ticket sales going to the target organization. 

There are programs, institutions and organizations that can help people get out of these horrible situations. But all of them need help.

If you'd like to help and will be in Salt Lake City on June 1, 2013, go to and get your ticket for the concert. Or you can visit and back the crowdfunding project to create a CD which we can then sell to benefit the UDVC.

We all know a woman we love, be it a mother, a sister, a cousin, a lover, a friend. We should be protecting them and teaching our young men how to really respect them. If you can agree with just that one statement you have all the reason you need to give to the cause. Come, help us help those who feel helpless.

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