All Sorts of Island!

A new show is coming to the Las Vegas strip! Tropical Heat - a Vegas-style LuWOW is coming to Treasure Island this month and it features the playing and singing of Jefferson Montoya! This dinner show has great energy and is the strange mixture of family friendly and still sexy! Take that, Vegas!

March 30th is the last night Jefferson will be playing in this show! Visit for more! 






ALMOST Free Holiday Music!

9 Songs, $2. Get you some here.

No Man's Land UPDATE!

Unfortunately we have to wait to hear back from Tim Minchin and Randy Newman regarding written permission to cover their songs on the album. But this is good because the album sponsor had other obligations that prevent them from helping fund the album. If you know a business that would like unique and lasting cool advertising opportunity please show them this pdf



LBV, All I Never Had (Ms Hemmings)
Filmed by Maeson Montoya age 10


“Not Setting the World on Fire and Too Old For American Idol”

Jefferson is a powerful vocalist, passionate song writer, and an amazing live performer who’s high-energy acoustic music crosses genres and emotions. The music world has be come a polished, slick, compressed, faux-finish of what life could have been. Jefferson is a raw and refreshing contrast that has been long awaited.




Fan. Friend. Frand!