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Commission an Original Custom Song for Anyone, Any Time!

Box of chocolates? Flowers? Card? STOP BEING LAME, THIS IS LOVE WE ARE TALKING ABOUT! ;)

For a small fee you can have an original song written and recorded just for a special person in your life. Music doesn't melt, it melts hearts. Songs don't wilt, they wilt knees. Right? RIGHT!

Tell that friend/love/family member "I Love You for You" in a way they've never heard before. 

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“Not Setting the World on Fire and Too Old For American Idol”

Jefferson is a powerful vocalist, passionate song writer, and an amazing live performer who’s high-energy acoustic music crosses genres and emotions. The music world has be come a polished, slick, compressed, faux-finish of what life could have been. Jefferson is a raw and refreshing contrast that has been long awaited.